Bathroom Inspiration: Color!

Bathroom Inspiration: Color!

Bathrooms should receive just as much love and care as every other room in your home. Make sure it’s a room that you love, but watch that your house guests don’t start running a bath because they feel so relaxed and happy. There’s nothing like anBath Bombs injection of color to show it that you care but there are other unique details that can make your bathroom feel like a special room, too. Let’s get creative with the space that needs to move up on your to-do list.

Color Inspiration

Beachy Blue. Blue and bathrooms just make sense but keep it a light blue especially if it’s a small space. Go the elegant beach vacation route: watercolor hued accessories, black and white art on the wall, and a lot of white: window shutters, bath mats, and white towels hanging on the racks. 

Brights! Make your bathroom glow with neon and bright colors! Paint, of course, is the go-to method, but you can also get your brights kick with installed tile, or added accessories.

  • If you’re going down the paint road then use a bright, eye-catching color for little touches: the light switch, a painted shelf on a rolling storage cabinet, or the doors on the built-in vanity.

If you’re taking the challenge and going for the bathroom tiles there are SO. MANY. OPTIONS.

  • Accent yellow, or bright blue, tiles on the wall.
  • Bright colored tiles in a thick stripe around the tub or the perimeter of the bathroom.
  • Go a little less abstract and go rainbow or floral in the shower stall or on the bathroom floor. Then you can use a wide variety of colors in tiny tiles so it’s not overwhelming. Let the rest of the room remain a bright white!
  • Rather than color try a different shaped tile: scalloped is very on trend right now because it’s vintage but new to current homes.


The Details.

Putting aside the shower, bath tub, floor, and ceiling parts of a bathroom what is left? The vanity! There can be a lot done to make the vanity much more interesting than the plain, boring storage that is typical with any home. Replacing a mirror with a more decorative, framed one or, a vanity that is a bold colored rather than a brown wood, will make a big difference. If you’re looking to make small changes, replace the vanity hardware with something more interesting! 

A New Light.

The other fixture that can be switched out is the overhead lighting, so set the tone! Want your bathroom to feel a little more glamorous, but still relaxing? Purchasing and installing a colorful hanging chandelier type of fixture is not as expensive as you may think and immediately transforms a space into something completely different and unexpected! 


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