Back to School: Decorating Your Dorm Room

Back to School: Decorating Your Dorm Room

Picture a bare dorm room: cold white walls, hard linoleum floors, and old heavy wood beds. Dorms usually need a lot of love to start to feel like a year-long home. Harness your excitement and nervousness, and put into decorating your dorm room, or at least your half of it, exactly how you want. Textbook

You could go the way of traditional college style: posters sticky tacked to the wall, bedding that doesn’t match, and hand me down furniture. But you could also go the way of “home”. Because halfway through the month of October, the homesickness may have you wishing your side of your school home feels like exactly that: home. So let’s make it work from the very beginning.


  • This may be the first time you’re sharing a (small) living space with someone else and it’s important to get off on the right foot. See what your future roommate may already own or want to bring that you can both use. And if you’re those types of people, you may want to coordinate colors or theme.



  • It’s practically a given that the walls of your dorm room will be an unappealing hue…and there’s nothing you’ll be able to do about it. So now is the time to get creative and create your own color scheme. A fresh white color paired with an accent color, will brighten a room up.


  • Storage in such a small room is hard to come by, so it is very important to use every spare spot that you can. Get organized and get a system: decorative bins, clear flat containers, and shelves. Use not only your closet space and dresser, but also any free space under beds, over beds, above fixed chairs, window sills, and behind the door.


  • Are you on the hunt for affordable stylish furniture that makes sense in a dorm room? Make sure people have places to sit other than your bed. Check out American Freight Furniture’s selection of futons, accent chairs, and a desk option.

Margo Futon

Hatfield Desk









  • You may think it is entirely impossible to create any sort of privacy in a dorm room but there are ways to try and create a semblance of it. If possible, divide the room with a screen or a fabric panel down the middle. This way, while you’re pulling an all-nighter, your roommate can snooze.


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