April Home To-Do List

April Home To-Do List

It’s the first week of April and you know there’s a whole list of spring cleaning items that need to be checked off. But it’s difficult to remember everything that needs to be done around the house on a daily basis let alone the monthly duties our loyal homes expect. For your convenience and simplicity, here’s a handy system for brushing off the winter and then getting everything done for the warmer months!Sprinklers

  • If you have a lawn, or some patch of green space, then you may have installed sprinklers or some kind of irrigation system. Don’t begin April with brown grass, test and/or repair each part the sprinklers so there’s no delay for spring flowers and gardens.
  • Just because it’s a good idea, but also to keep away mosquitoes the best you can, check for standing water around your property and getting rid of it. Empty, remove, and store empty containers like empty buckets, and flowerpots.
  • Spruce up the front of your home again after a dreary season. Small changes like a new mailbox with a new coat of paint, or a cute season wrap around removable adhesive. Brand new shiny address numbers can also provide a shininess that is perfect for the spring season. Start with small touches and then move onto the landscaping.
  • On the same page, the front porch probably needs some love, too. Spray down and wash the floor, the railings, and the beams. Clean the outside (and the inside!) of the windows, the front door, and windowsills. Sorry, cobwebs! You’re gone! (Although that’s probably an ongoing battle). 
  • Porch furniture also needs to be wiped down before anyone lounges on it with a book and a glass of lemonade.
  • And speaking of small touches, a new doormat and a pot of bright flowers can make a world of difference.
  • Now walk around the perimeter and to the backyard. Fences, wood decks, and railings often need staining and resealing,   and other repairs as needed, after the winter. Speaking of wood: watch out for termites. If you see a sign call a pest-         control company.
  • You’ve probably noticed cracks and loose pieces on your driveway or pathway which can happen over the winter. If you have a certain skill set, April is a good time to repair them, or if you don’t, schedule the repairs. You may also inspect the screens and windows while cleaning for any rips, holes, or cracks. Clean, repair/replace, and re-install.
  • Get those red ‘Sale’ signs ready and your clutter organized, so you can sell it, obviously! Set a date, or jump in on a neighborhood wide garage/yard sale, and then schedule a pick up, or drop off, for the items that don’t get sold and you do not want back in your home. Stay strong and stay the cleaning/clearing course!


  • Have AC? Make sure it’s working properly so you don’t find yourself in the hot month of July with no air conditioning. It’s great for the long run in that a maintained AC lasts longer.
  • Don’t forget your gutters! Clean them, unclog them, and repair them especially as we go into a potentially rainy spring!


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