Amp Up Your Home With Accent Chairs

Amp Up Your Home With Accent Chairs

Transform the look of your living room with a single piece of furniture. Yes, you read that right. The accent chair is a staple for any home and there are countless ways to incorporate it into your space, particularly in your living room.

Whether you choose a vintage wingback chair or a modern armless accent chair, there’s no better way to reflect your style with this seating option. Accent chairs are one of our favorite pieces because they’re compact and offer that extra seating you need for entertaining company. Plus, there’s a nearly unlimited combination of textures, colors, and shapes to choose from. From accent chairs under $100 to vintage traditional chairs, there’s something for everyone to love.

At American Freight Furniture and Mattress, we make it easy to purchase modern, quality accent chairs. In this post, we’re going to show you seven of our favorite styles. You can expect a breakdown of accent chair shapes and other specs. After that, we’ll recommend different ways to stage them in your living room. Bonus! Keep your eyes open for tips to stage accent chairs in bedrooms, offices, and entertainment dens. Last but not least, we’ll give you expert tips for choosing quality accent chairs including what to look for and what to avoid.

Accent Chairs 8 Ways

Do you know all the names of your favorite accent chair styles? The good news is, you don’t have to! We’ve done the homework for you to draft up a list of eight of our favorite types of accent chairs with arms and without arms. Let’s get started!

1. Wingback Chair

A wingback chair is a timeless piece. The signature style features a tall back with corners that curl inward. The thick cushion and low arms make this chair comfortable and stylish. The chair sits on thinner rectangular or carved legs that rest anywhere from 6 inches to more than a foot off the ground. The wingback design has been a hit for decades. You might recognize the shape of this chair from your grandparents’ living room or mother’s library. It’s also not uncommon to stage two at either end of a formal dining table.

We love the wingback chair because it makes a statement. No matter if it’s monochromatic or features a busy pattern, the shape of the chair is beautiful and inviting. The tall accent chair will make you want to rush over and rest your back against it. You’ll look and feel very regal in a chair like this one.

2. Club Chair

If you’re seeking a simple and comfortable chair that blends right into your living room, you can’t go wrong with a club chair. This style is known for its square shape and often features oversized arms. Most club chairs rest on stubby square legs, but from time to time you may find taller or narrower legs on the piece. The medium height back and arms give the chair a sturdy look. You’ll be comforted by the sturdy shape and have no issue propping up an elbow or two while you relax. Club chairs are common in offices, living rooms, and small sitting areas.

The club chair is one of our go-to pieces because it’s a timeless cut and it’s comfortable. You can sit in a club chair for hours of reading or socializing. Club chairs tend to have thick seat cushions as well as great back and side padding that give it a plush appearance.

3. Traditional Chair

A traditional chair may sound like a vague name, but this accent chair style has character. The traditional chair typically has a partially exposed wood frame with an upholstered seat and backrest. The wooden legs and arms are often carved into intricate patterns or shapes. Some traditional chairs even have small upholstered pockets along the armrests for extra padding.

Traditional chairs have been in style for more than a century. Older variations often had intricate woodwork and patterned upholstery. Today, you’ll notice most fabrics are monochromatic and the carved wood is smooth and simple. We love traditional chairs because they add character to any home, whether they’re antique or brand-new.

4. Barrel Chair

The barrel chair is easy to recognize among the endless shapes and sizes of accent chairs. Any chair with a rounded, uniform piece that curls around the seat cushion to create a backrest and arms constitutes as a barrel chair. Some varieties swivel while others rest on anything from short and stubby to long and narrow legs. The chairs usually have a slightly taller back than arms for style and comfort.

The customization options for barrel chairs are pretty unique to the style. You might find a barrel chair with slightly rolled arms like a Chesterfield sofa. You could even choose one with vertical tufting. Best of all, the rounded element of the barrel chair can add contrast to an otherwise rectangular living space.

5. Parsons Chair

Perhaps the most popular armless accent chair variety is the Parsons chair. It features a tall, narrow, and rectangular back with a square seat cushion. The seat and back are upholstered. The thin, tall legs are most commonly squared off. Occasionally, you might find a parsons chair with material that drapes to the floor. This is especially popular in formal dining halls for weddings and other ceremonies.

We love the Parsons chair for its subtlety. The slim, basic frame of the chair makes it easy to tuck into small rooms. Plus, as we mentioned before, these chairs can double as accent chairs or dining room chairs. You might find Parsons chairs in waiting rooms or in the foyer of any home.

6. Cottage or Country Chair

A cottage accent chair, also known as a country accent chair, is similar to club and barrel chairs but has one distinguishing factor: upholstery. The type of fabric and patterns can turn an ordinary accent chair into a cute chair that’s fit for a cottage. Most chairs of this style have a square build like club chairs but feature elevated features like barrel chairs.

We adore cottage chairs because of the light and playful upholstery in soft fabrics. White or cream-colored upholstered accent chairs with tiny stripes or subtle floral patterns are an easy way to make a room pop! You can find cottage accent chairs in living rooms or sunrooms.

7. Mid Century Modern Chair

A different take on the accent chair is the Mid Century Modern style. It’s known for its skinny tapered wooden sofa legs and boxy oversized shape. Most Mid Century Modern accent chairs come in many shapes and sizes, but can be distinguished by their boxy cushions and thin, typically exposed, dark wood frames. Even though this style peaked in the late 1940s and early 1950s, it looks like it was created for the 2010s.

We’re big fans of the Mid Century Modern accent chair because it takes many forms. It’s been invented and reinvented in so many different shapes and colors, but still holds true to the authenticity of the style.

Top Staging Tips

Now that you’re an expert on all different types of accent chairs for living rooms, we’re going to teach you how to incorporate those same accent chairs throughout your entire home! Let’s get started.


If your large Master Bedroom has extra room, what better way to use the space than to create a relaxing reading nook? We love to place a tall floor lamp in the corner of a bedroom with an accent chair and small side table. You could even add an ottoman for extra coziness. Complete the space with a throw blanket or pillow.

Entertainment Den

Complete your multipurpose room with a set of matching accent chairs. For a family-friendly choice, choose oversized club chairs to give kids and adults a place to read for fun. Don’t forget to place a bookshelf nearby to store books and create an area with ample lighting.


Accent chairs are an excellent addition to any home office. We love to use a traditional accent chair for the desk and plush seats like barrel chairs for seating across from the desk. You could also create a reading nook in this space.

Quality You Can See and Believe

Do you know how to shop for a quality accent chair? The best place to start is your local American Freight Furniture and Mattress. While you’re there, you can physically sit in accent chairs and test them out for comfort. As appealing as the chairs may look in your shopping cart online, no amount of photos or videos can give you the same experience as sitting in the chair for yourself!

There are three steps to making sure the accent chair you love is worth your money. First, do a visual inspection. Make sure the construction of the chair is neat and no staples, nails, or screws are poking out. Second, have a seat! You won’t know if you like the chair until you try it. Last but not least, ask questions! Your salesperson will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the chair.

You can follow the same pointers about shopping for a quality accent chair as you can for a new sofa. Read more about shopping for quality living room furniture here.

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