Achieve the Light & Bright Bedroom Look With the Washington

Achieve the Light & Bright Bedroom Look With the Washington

Choose a light and bright bedroom set that works with any color palette your heart desires. Because let’s be honest, you’ll probably get the urge to change your duvet cover, drapes, and decorations a few times while you own your bedroom set. The Washington Bedroom Collection from American Freight offers the versatility you’re looking for in a bed set. Plus, the durable materials are built to last for years to come. Keep reading to learn why this bedroom collection is the best choice for your next bedroom upgrade.

It’s All in the Details

We love a beautifully carved wood bedroom set. The Washington Bedroom Collection doesn’t disappoint. The carved, angled feet of the nightstand, chest of drawers, and dresser give the set a structured and sturdy appeal. Plus, the dresser and chest of drawers feature a unique tiered detailing at the top.

You can maximize your bedroom storage with the Washington bed set because there are two drawers in the nightstand, five drawers in the chest of drawers, and eight drawers in the dresser. Additionally, the wooden headboard features a carved out section at the top that works like a shelf. You can use that space to tuck your alarm clock, reading glasses, and your current favorite book.

We haven’t even told you the best part of this bedroom set! The color is universal for grey and brown color palettes. The matte wood features a mostly light brown shade with hints of grey and dark brown. You can stage this set against a charcoal wall to make the wood grain pop or opt for a beige or cream wall color to blend nicely with the set. There are so many ways you can make your bedroom set look incredible in your room.

Washington Bedroom Collection4 Ways to Stage the Washington in Your Home

Forget what you think about matching bedroom collections. There are tons of ways to utilize the Washington Bedroom Collection throughout your whole house. Here are six ideas to spark some inspiration:

  1. Place the chest of drawers in a craft room or hobby room to store supplies in style. If an open-concept storage wall isn’t quite your style, this is a chic way to tuck away your items in a visually appealing piece.
  2. Use the nightstand as an earthy side table in your living room. The double drawers offer great storage for TV remotes, cards, board games, and more. Plus, the table height is perfect for staging next to an accent chair or sofa.
  3. Add the dresser in a formal dining area to act as a unique buffet table. You could also stage it in between rooms in an open-concept floor plan to add visual appeal and storage.
  4. Stage the chest of drawers in a large bathroom to store makeup organizers on top and bathroom linens in the drawers. It’s a great way to stow towels, washcloths, and extra toiletries for you or your guests.

Of course, you can also keep your complete 3-piece or 5-piece bedroom set in your bedroom. Use these ideas for an outside-the-box approach to interior design that won’t break the bank. To see the Washington Bedroom Collection for yourself, visit your local American Freight. Click here to find a store near you.

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  1. I love the nature wood bed, and your washington bedroom collection looks nice for me. Thanks for your recommendation.

    1. Hi, Anastasia! Thank you for your comment. We hope to see you soon!

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