A Classic Khaki Reclining Set

A Classic Khaki Reclining Set

Your living room is missing a khaki reclining set, and we know just how to solve that problem. The Ridgecrest Motion Sofa and Loveseat Collection is a great neutral option for your home. The reclining sofa set has a soft tan upholstery that’s cozy and soft to the touch. Keep reading to learn more about the Ridgecrest Motion Sofa and Loveseat Collection.

5 Ways to Stage the Ridgecrest

The best way to make a classic khaki reclining set your own is to stage it uniquely in your home. Here are five ways you can add the Ridgecrest Motion Sofa and Loveseat Collection to your place:

  1. Add the reclining sofa and loveseat to your living room facing your entertainment console. Everyone will have a great view of the movie, TV show, or video game in this setup.
  2. Place the Ridgecrest set in your basement to create the ultimate home theater. Your guests will love having reclining seats for watching movies on the big screen.
  3. Stage the matching loveseat and sofa in an open-concept living space. We love to tuck the loveseat near a window for a natural reading light by day. Put the couch in between the kitchen and living spaces to create a natural divider in the middle of the space.
  4. Split the Ridgecrest reclining set up to put the sofa in one room and the loveseat in another. You can use your creativity and put the loveseat in a game room and stick the sofa in your main living room, or whatever you want to do.
  5. Try the sofa set in a place you’d least expect it. A sunroom, master bedroom, or at-home office could be the perfect place to set up a comfy, khaki reclining set.

Where would the Ridgecrest go in your home? Let us know in the comments. You can see the Ridgecrest Motion Sofa and Loveseat Collection for yourself at your local American Freight Furniture and Mattress. Click here to find a store near you.

Ridgecrest Motion Sofa and LoveseatWhy We Love This Khaki Reclining Set

The Ridgecrest is a unique living room furniture set. The oversized cushion design and simple features give the sofa and loveseat a timeless appeal. Read more about timeless furniture here. The neutral tone and monochromatic color schemes are super easy to blend with the style you already have in your home. The pull-lever recliners lay flat along the sides of the sofa and loveseat. Built into the loveseat you’ll find a storage compartment that acts as an armrest. You can use it store snacks, TV remotes, chargers, and more. There are also two cup holders to keep your hold or cold drinks nearby.

Sit back and recline on this set for an afternoon snooze or curl up with the whole family. We think you’re going to love these pieces for your home! Best of all, you can bring home the Ridgecrest for less than $1,000! Visit a store near you for more information.

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