Entertain With a Spacious Dining Set

February 21, 2020
You need a spacious dining set to replace the cramped old kitchen table in your home. Check out the South Paw Dining Collection for your next dining collection. This dining set comes in 5-piece and 7-piece options to fit your family’s needs. Plus, the stylish charcoal color offers a beautiful monochromatic addition to any dining
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This Bling Bedroom Set is Fit for Royalty

February 14, 2020
The Lorenzo Black Bedroom Collection is the bling bedroom set we can’t stop talking about. It has glitz and glam and will make you wonder why you’ve been settling for bland bedroom collections up until now. Keep reading to learn more about why the Lorenzo might be a great fit for your bedroom! Bling Bedroom
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How I Took Home New Furniture Before I Got My Refund

February 11, 2020
Recently, I came across a problem that most people have at some point in their life: I needed new furniture as soon as possible. There was no time to wait for a custom piece to be created and delivered months down the road, and I also couldn’t wait for one of the big furniture companies
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A Classic Khaki Reclining Set

February 7, 2020
Your living room is missing a khaki reclining set, and we know just how to solve that problem. The Ridgecrest Motion Sofa and Loveseat Collection is a great neutral option for your home. The reclining sofa set has a soft tan upholstery that’s cozy and soft to the touch. Keep reading to learn more about
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The Compact Sectional Fit For Apartment Living

January 31, 2020
The best way to furnish an apartment is to start with a compact sectional. Your living room is the place to start because you’ll probably spend plenty of time there relaxing and entertaining. Look for a sectional that’s fit for apartment living like the Barringer Smoke Sectional. This grey L-shaped sectional is comfortable, stylish, and
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