8 Ways to Use Florals

If you’re thinking that florals are old-fashioned, or meant for children only, you may have missed this trend memo. Floral patterns are making a comeback in fashion, for both clothes and home. You’ll never be able to let spring and summer leave once some floral design makes itself at home.  

Florals can be anywhere. The bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen, too. Florals can be delicate and florals can be daring. Whatever your personal style, you can make florals work.

Floral backsplash. Nowadays, florals are combined more often with a minimalist and modern background, instead of a busy background which can be overpowering. A back splash that is customized with a piece of simple flowery fabric, and laminated, can have a striking effect.

Floral Fabric

Floral wallpaper…way better than it used to be. Instead of huge roses climbing up the wall, or on the flip side, millions of tiny rose buds invading vertical space, floral style wallpaper has come a long way. There is a bigger selection to pick from which expands far beyond roses.

Floral Wallpaper

Think outside the flower garden. Light, cotton floral curtains can quickly make a room feel like spring. Floral CurtainTry full length drapes for a fresh, floaty, and colorful vibe.

Go big! Love florals and want to do something dramatic? Larger than life, over-sized murals are popular right now. The big prints can go anywhere in the home from the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It will really stand out in a space that is bright and clean, with white walls and fixtures.

Flower Mural

Go small! Love florals but want to decorate with them in a more minimal, less colorful way? Focus on texture. Try origami flowers and place in a bowl, or just very simple real flowers, like orchids to make a natural design impact.

Paper Flower

 F-F-Floral Furniture You may not ever call furniture “romantic,” especially a sofa, but when there are floral accents involved, you may rethink your stance. Florals can lighten up a utilitarian furniture piece and it’s also a cool contrast of styles.  Floral accent pillows

Cover up. The useful idea of “cover-ups” for furniture, whether that be a tablecloth, sofa slipcover, or rug for the floor, is that it can be a temporary look until you want to try something different. It’s a great time to try florals on one piece of furniture in the room, or scattered around your home.

Floral Tablecloth

Do it with plates (or other accessories). Simple and classic. Splash some florals around with vintage plates on the wall of the kitchen, or other flowery accessories that can adorn table tops, book shelves, or fireplace mantles. Pair these accessories with white walls, or a wall with color for some added character and charm.   Floral Accssories

How do you feel about florals? For spring only, or acceptable all year round? Let us know in the comments below!


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