6 Ways to Combine Wood and White

6 Ways to Combine Wood and White

Sleek, modern, neutral, and serene. Can one style aesthetic really encompass so many different words? Yes. And when you begin to think about the wood and white combination design you’ll understand.

And it’s simple to execute. White highlights the clean and the calm, and also allows the texture and the deep finish of the wood to pop.

Wood Bedroom Set. White Walls.

Picture the scene: wood and white in the bedroom. Wood bed frame. Wood dresser. White walls. Wood looks even more stylish set against a stark white wall. The wood creates depth in a white room, and guess what? It’s simple to find wood style bedroom pieces. We have even provided a few here for your viewing pleasure.

Evan Grey Bedroom Set

Stonehill Dark Bedroom Set









Make It Work with Texture and Shapes

Don’t let this style get boring! Use different shades of white, in different textures, and in different shapes. For example, use a white area rug that is in a different white than the bedspread. Hang window curtains that feature a slight texture. Add an interesting light fixture for shape and personality. 

Wood, White, and a LITTLE Color

Trust us. You won’t lose that calming feeling when you add a dab of color…as long as you pick the right color for this style. Throw in some other neutrals, like gray, beige, or muted tones of primary colors in a throw blanket, pillows, a framed picture or canvas above the bed, or a pair of table side lamps.

Glimmer, Shimmer, and Gold

There’s nothing wrong with adding glam to your wood and white pairing. It will still have that rustic feeling but instead of going camping, you’re going glamping! Bring in a touch of luxury with metallic details, like the drawer pulls on the dressers, ornately framed mirrors, and end tables with a finish that shines.

Plants and Wood

Naturally Accessorized

You already have the wood, so it is only natural to introduce the green. Bring in the plants that not only have the well-known health benefits, but the fresh green pops against the white and looks at home with the wood materials.

Dramatic Dark / Bright White

It’s easy for the image of the wood/white combination to be a light, sun bleached wood with a crisp white creating a beach cottage look that is easy and breezy. But in a completely different, GORGEOUS turn, imagine dark, like espresso brown dark, wood. Maybe on the floors. Maybe in the kitchen cabinets. Maybe in a bedroom set. And imagine it against white walls. White curtains. White dining room set. It’s stunning.


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