5 Ways to Create a Cool Bathroom

5 Ways to Create a Cool Bathroom

Is your bathroom at the bottom of your list of home improvement projects? It shouldn’t be! There are so many cool bathroom design styles that have made an appearance recently that will not only wow guests but will never bore the people that use it everyday.

Opposites Attract. Combining rough materials with smooth materials takes a bathroom, no matter what the size, in an unexpected direction. Think about this combination: Bathroom Floor Tile

  • Rough brick walls with smooth slate floor tiles. This contributes to a very rustic feel in your bathroom if that is your style and if you want to make it a little more eclectic, install more current fixtures. Delightful and unique!
  • Wood and ceramic. Pick tiles of your color choice for the bathroom floor, or walls, or both and combine the smoothness of those with a few accessories carved from wood. It’s so simple you may think there will not be any sort of design impact but it’s an eclectic look.
  • Vintage with geometric shapes. A distressed finish on a vanity checks off the vintage look and a geometric tile pattern on the floor, which picks up the same color as the vanity, is a contrast that is actually unifying.


Common Color. If you have a collection of décor that at first glance may not seem like it all goes together, just make sure it’s all in the same color palette and instead of looking random and haphazardly, it’ll look classic. Black and white is always a safe choice, so get out that paintbrush and get to work.  

Maximize the Luxury. Who said that fancy bathrooms can only be found in fancy restaurants? Combine luxurious materials, colors and shine, (like gold), and interesting textures.

Sophisticated Bathroom

Not so Classic. Or twisted classic. If you would like your home bathroom to not be TOO out there but still cool and personal enough to fit the style of the rest of your home, try standard fixtures, maybe even go a little old fashioned. Then pair that with contemporary shaped mirrors, floor tiles, or even a huge framed art print. 

Sophisticated Style. Ready to go all out? This style can be absolutely gorgeous and intense. Adorn your renovated bathroom with a small chandelier over the bath tub, dark floral wallpaper, or towels, and elegant fixtures that are copper coated. If you need a theme go for seductive and mysterious.


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