5 Piece Dinette Set: Can You Guess Which Product?

5 Piece Dinette Set: Can You Guess Which Product?

5 Piece Dinette Set Tuesday Teaser

All month during our January Manufacturer Inventory Selloff, we’re offering super cheap dining room deals! You can get a 3 piece dinette set, a 5 piece dinette set, or a 7 piece dinette set, starting from just $98! Looking for a dinette set with a bench? We have that too! We have all styles, colors, shapes, and price points to help affordably set up your dining room.

Can you guess this week’s Tuesday Teaser? It is a fabulous, neutral, 5 piece dinette set. Made to fit any kitchen or dining room, the four chairs match the round table: all made of gray wood material. Their black metal chair legs match the table frame, and create an understated look for your kitchenette. The legs give the set a geometric flare. Therefore, this versatile set is a combination of modern and casual styles. Most importantly, this set is  for just $138.

5 Piece dinette set teaser

Can you guess which 5 piece dinette set this is? Guess in the comments below, or click here to go to the product description.

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