4 Ways to Create a Joy-Filled, Clutter-Free Kitchen

4 Ways to Create a Joy-Filled, Clutter-Free Kitchen

Mail StackThere’s an old saying: where there is a kitchen there is clutter. Okay, that’s not really a saying but how true it is! There is no place in the house that is quite so prone to clutter than the kitchen. Typically, it’s the hub of the home and therefore, a drop off zone, it’s a place where accessories and appliances collect (dust) and snack food pile up on the counters and spill out of cabinets. Let’s fix the clutter and create the kitchen that makes everyone happy!

Tidy Tops. The kitchen counters are the go-to for stacking mails, tossing keys, and leaving purses. This can make preparing breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and snacks more difficult and can then make your life more difficult. We don’t want that!

Start the clearing and only leave what you need/use every day. Create a space and get in the habit of stashing non-kitchen items elsewhere. This will at least cut down the daily clutter cleaning, and let’s face it. Kitchens have to be cleaned often enough without any extra work. 

Necessities Needed. Go all the way sparse! Think about what you like about your kitchen and how you most often use it. If you use certain appliances, dishes, or tools every day store them in places that are easily accessible and reachable. This will also keep your other storage more organized and neat, filled with less used items, because you won’t be rummaging through those spaces daily. Then throw out or give away what you haven’t used in years!

Use Space Differently. If your kitchen is open and spacious, use your space wisely. And thiFresh Flowerss is a place where you can dream a little. Fold a few other uses into the kitchen: a little art corner for your kids for them to be in while you’re making dinner, or a small desk for paying bills.  

Embrace Relaxation. Yes, in the kitchen. This room shouldn’t be all about work, it should also be about enjoying the simple pleasures: a glass of wine at your beautiful kitchen table, drinking coffee with your partner, family game nights, or even listening to music elbows deep in warm, soapy water while washing the dishes. This should be attainable as you create a room that promotes your joy in the kitchen. (P.S.  Fresh flowers never hurt. When in doubt, bring in some bright floral).

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