Style it with Violet: 3 Ways to Decorate with Pantone's Color of the Year

Style it with Violet: 3 Ways to Decorate with Pantone's Color of the Year

Pantone says: Decorate at home with Ultra Violet

Each December, the leading authority on color, Pantone, chooses a color of the year for the impending calendar change. This year, Pantone has chosen a shade of galactic grape that they call “Ultra Violet.” This tone is a bold, blue-ish hue of purple that is inspirational, royal, vibrant, and somewhat challenging with which to decorate. We’re here to fix that! Here are three ways to utilize Ultra Violet in your home decorating this year.

Decorating with Ultra Violet Pantone Color of the Year


Ultra Violet Accent Wall
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Ultra Violet Accent Wall

Add an accent wall to your living room, den, kitchen, bedroom, or kids room using Ultra Violet! Used frequently in Bohemian decorating schemes, you can also use it for a bright backdrop to furniture with neutral tones like black, white, or grey if you have more classic, traditional decor.

Check out this charcoal sofa and loveseat for just $498 that would look exquisite in front of a purple accent wall.







Ultra Violet Contrasting Baseboards and Trim
Photo Courtesy Better Homes & Gardens


Contrast Color

If painting a whole wall purple is too much for you, try using the violet shade as an accent color for your baseboards and trim.

Check out our blog on how to choose paint colors to get started today!






Violet Accessories: Lilacs
Photo by Juja Han


Pop with Purple

Trendy purple makes a great accessory if you want to keep your focal points neutral and classic. Paint with Ultra Violet over plain end tables like the very affordable Pierce for just $38.

Alternatively, if you want to just drop accent pieces around, that’s a simple and elegant choice as well. Add a pop of purple with hand towels, a vase of lilacs, decorative agate gemstones, throw pillows, or floor rugs to your living room, kitchen, or bedroom areas.





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