Tuesday Teaser: Seal the Deal

Tuesday Teaser: Seal the Deal

Contemporary, yet Comfortable!

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style at American Freight! Get both with this luxurious 3 Piece Sectional Sofa.

The straight lines and minimalist style of this grey sectional sofa pair beautifully with its offsetting white throw pillows. This modern sofa loveseat combines comfort and luxury, support and chic. Covered in soft, comforting grey flannel material ready to put your worries to rest as soon as you sit down, the extra wide cuddler chair on the end makes this couch great for snuggling up with a blanket or a loved one.

Really want to make a statemtent? Opt for the additional storage ottoman for even more living room organization and comfort. Put your feet up in style while hiding blankets, unsightly toys, remotes, shoes, books, or anything else you want out of the public eye.



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