3 Easy Ways to Take Your Furniture Home Today

3 Easy Ways to Take Your Furniture Home Today

Take Your Furniture Home Today. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

At American Freight, we pride ourselves on making quality furniture and mattresses available to everyone, on any budget. And even though most of us prefer to plan ahead, sometimes you need to take your furniture home today when you least expect it.  Maybe your living situation has changed suddenly, or maybe you were affected by one of the many recent hurricanes or other natural disasters that impacted so many Americans the past few years. Or maybe it’s just that your old furniture is on its last leg- literally!

Whatever your reason for a new sofa, loveseat, mattress, or other home goods, we’re here to help you take your furniture home today. Here are three ways to do so:

  1. No Credit Needed*

    We offer instant approvals on payment plans! No credit? No problem. Streamline your application process by applying ahead of time in the comfort of your home. Then, bring in any approval paperwork and questions to your local American Freight store. Our employees are happy to help answer any questions you have!

    Text “YES” to 41806 to apply right now, or click here to go to the application for more information and further details.

    *“No Credit Needed” does not mean or imply that no inquiry will be made of credit history or creditworthiness. American First Finance may check credit history and creditworthiness, but no established FICO score or credit history is necessary.*

  2. Free Layaway

    If you want an alternative to the no credit payment plan route, consider our free layaway program. Layaway is a system of paying a deposit to secure an item for later purchase. The day you set up your layaway plan, it guarantees the price and locks you in. So, while this may not get your furniture home today-today, you can start a plan today to get your furniture home very soon, at no interest.

    For more details on our layaway program, please stop by a local store, or read more in our terms & conditions here.

  3. Cash, Credit, or Debit

    Last but not least, take your furniture home today the old fashioned way: by cash or charge! American Freight stores accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

    Pay in full, and take your in-stock items home immediately. If you need help getting your furniture and mattresses home, we offer same-day delivery on all in-stock items through a contracted third-party service.

Find your local store here and stop by today, or check out all our current promotions on our website.
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85 Responses

  1. Looking for a nice cheap couch to purchase for my mom for Mother’s Day, could you email me some price ranges

    1. Do you offer store credit cards and the store in vestal do they deliver to Elmira ny?

  2. Just wondering is the application just to see how much you get approved for first ? Then you go from there ,and decide if you want to go with it or not correct? Like you’re not obligated to take the offer

  3. From the store on Bell Road in Glendale what would be the delivery charge to suncity and what about the love seat I have if I buy a new one do you take the old one

  4. is the $50 application fee charged when the application is submitted or if your accept the approval

  5. On the payment plan, is it like a rent to own place where you actually pay twice as much?

  6. Do you get your $50 app fee back if you’re not approved?

  7. Will this application be a hard inquiries on my credit.

  8. If I get approve what documents I have to bring in?

      1. I already have the Kelly motion recliner love seat and I’m wanting the matching couch what kinda deal would I be looking at to afford it and I’m wanting to have it delivered the next day and want to make a few payments on the couch what do I do now

        1. Hi, Heidi! Thank you for your comment. You can visit your local store or click this link to check out the payment plan option through American First Finance. You can also use our free layaway program. Visit a store near you and one of our sales representatives will help you find the best solution for your needs!

  9. When applying for credit, is it a hard pull that decreases my credit score? If not, how is the qualifying amount determined?

  10. Can items on sale be or clearance be financed?Specifically the 8 piece bedroom for $398.00?

  11. When completing the application would this be a hard pull on my credit? Do you all check the credit and show up as an inquiry on my credit?

  12. I applied for your credit but was denied….I do, however, have paypal credit, do you accept paypal credit as payment? I don’t mean the credit card,and if so, how do I go about using it to make purchase at the store. Thank you.

  13. I took a look at the application and the section where you enter your debit card/banking information surprised me. Why do you need that information to be approved?

  14. Hi I got approved for furniture with you all and I wanted to know what is this 50 processing fee for

  15. I got into this and it is not worth it if u don’t pay it in 90 days cause it’s ninety days same as cash if not paid in 90 days u back to where u started for me they did not tell me how high 18th interest was if I don’t pay in 90 days this was not said at the purchase time I have not brought anything on payment in years and I see why I stoped had problems with bed and the guy help me with the bed after hours cause he felt bad cause he sold it to me and then the payment are to high almost 200 a month for one bed. By all I’m saying is ask about the interest rate it is like rent to own just a low key rent to own business but I want to thank hosa for his help with the bed u truly was a blessing to me think u

  16. For you to accept the approval you go in the store to purchase a item then they charge the $50 fee correct after you take home your items

  17. Is there a possibility that you wont get approved? And what would be some reasons why? Because they always say its no credit, but it really is.

    1. For the best answer, you can contact American First Finance and ask all your questions. They would be be best as they are the team that allows us to use payment plans!

      Here is their website – https://americanfirstfinance.com/

  18. what are the guide lines to a pre-approval? Is it credit based or income based? What are the terms 12 month, 24 month and so on? What interest rate will be applied?

    1. Unfortunately we do not have an e-commerce store set up just yet. In-store is the way to buy!

  19. How far do you all delivers is it a certain amount of distance you all will travel or no?

  20. if I fill the app out. so the 50 dollars or any other fee will not be charged unless I fellow through with agreement or if I’m not approved. I want to know before I put my card information on the app. thanks

    1. Hi Lisa, Yes that is correct. The $50 application fee is only applied if you make a purchase and decide to use our payment plan options.

  21. The package with 18 pieces, is it certain pieces?

  22. do they make HARD inquiries when checking you credit?

  23. Why do you require my banking information for credit approval

  24. Is the payment plan only available in certain areas

  25. What do the payments look like if I charge about 1500.

  26. Do you tell us how much is too be paid monthly or do I pay what I can afford?

  27. Why does it say no credit check but isn’t really a credit check?

  28. Hi,
    My question is; if you choose to use the finance option, do you have to purchase just a living room suite or just a bedroom suite or can you purchase furniture for the whole house and make monthly payments??

    1. Hi, Denise! Thank you for your comment. You can use the payment plan option to purchase furniture for any room in your home. Check out this link for more information about payment plans through American First Finance: https://social.americanfreight.com/nocredit/

  29. Me and my mother-in-law to be was in your store earlier today and the guy working was very rude to us and just walked away when I tried to ask questions. First time ever being in there and most likely the last time. This was at your store next to Gabes.

  30. For the $50 fee, it was stated that it is state dependent, is that charged in Texas? Also, it states that it is EITHER a application fee or towards your purchase. How is that determined?

  31. i just purchased a love seat recliner that i am still paying on and already , having problems with one side caving in. and i have no little ones and i don’t sit on it enough for it to be taring up. what can you all do about it. i am still paying on it.

  32. I live here in Dothan Al. can i order off of your web site and that you will. Ship it to me. Margaret

    1. Hi, Margaret! Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we do not have an e-commerce website just yet. However, a brand-new American Freight location is coming soon to Dothan, Alabama! Keep an eye out for grand opening information in the weeks to come!

  33. My comments: 1st, it would help a lot of people from wasting their time if it said ” We Do Credit Check”. 2nd, the interests is extremely high and the payment plans are very high. 3rd, with the example given for the finance rate, its 2 1/2 times + being paid. Now My Question: There were a few other company options on THIS site other than AFF, that people could apply through to get approved. Are those still an option?

  34. Do I need credit to be approved to do payment plan. Pls email me with details.

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