2017 Color Trends That We (Still) Love

2017 Color Trends That We (Still) Love

At the beginning of the year we looked forward to the projected home décor trends of 2017. Now that we are a couple months into the new year, we should check in and see if the trends are speaking to designers, both professional and amateurs. Let’s focus on color! Here is what’s still hot, and what colors aren’t going away, and maybe a surprise!


This color is here to stay at least for this year. After all, it wears the Pantone Color of the Year crown and Greenery is not giving Greeneryit up. And it shouldn’t. Greenery is doing great things. A lively and energetic yellow-green shade it is ready to usher in the first days of spring, all of the time. Just in case you love this shade but have no idea how to use it, here are some tips.

  • Pair with another zesty color, like orange.
  • Light wood looks best with Greenery but don’t be afraid to pair it with neutrals, like black, white, blue, and gray.
  • Don’t paint an entire room in Greenery. Use it in small amounts.


We all know that neutrals aren’t going away and nor should they. Neutrals are timeless, classic, and are theUptown Mineral 2 PC. Sectional Sofa perfect pairing to bold colors and patterns. The one that is really sticking out right now is taupe: balanced with warm and cool tones; a combination of brown and gray. You may think using taupe is simple but here are some simple tips to use taupe.

  • Using it with white will create contrast
  • Using it with gray will create depth
  • Using it with black, or metallic tones like bronze or nickel will create dimension

Purple. Deep Purple.

Definitely very different from Greenery and Taupe, saturated shades of purple are sophisticated and dramatic. Purple, of course, is the color of royalty so not only is it a throwback color but it’s also very contemporary. Feeling brave? Feeling like you need a big (home) life change? Here’s how to do purple!

  • Use it in small doses and with other jewel tones and metallic. In other words, go all out!
  • Use dark purple with light wood
  • Use this shade of purple as a trim
  • Or use it as an accent, like on a door.

There’s also a push toward more saturated colors: in addition to the deep purple, ultramarine (a deep, vivid blue) silvery gray, a rich-reddish brown, and a natural deep green, with dark undertones much like the color of moss.


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