2013 Furniture Trends: Bold Colors, Special Details

2013 Furniture Trends: Bold Colors, Special Details

With every new year comes new trends, and 2013 is no different. We’re seeing some very interesting and eye-catching styles in furniture so far; the ones listed below are some of our favorite 2013 Furniture Trends!

Bold Colored Furniture
For years, neutral furniture has been the go-to choice with browns, whites, tans, and blacks being the most common choices. Now, bold colors are popping up all over people’s homes. This year, people are opting to go big or go home, using colorful furniture instead of simply choosing bright accessories or decor options. Some of the most popular colors right now are hues of blue, purple, red, and green.

Menswear-Inspired Patterns
Fashion trends often make their way into home decor, and this year is no exception. As menswear-inspired clothing is becoming more popular, so is translating menswear patterns into upholstery. Pinstripes, tweeds, plaids, greys, and button tufting reminiscent of classic men’s suits and ties bring a fresh, refined look to any room.

Brass Details
In recent years, hardware and detailing has been most popular in silver finishes like nickel & pewter. This year, making brass hardware and detailing the preferred choice. One way this has made a statement on upholstery pieces is with the addition of nailheads. These have become popular along the outside of the body or arms of the furniture, especially on leather pieces.

Wood Front
It used to be that the only place you’d find wood in your living room was on the floor or in coffee and end tables. Now wood is popping up in furniture pieces as more than just the base of the frame – many sets have wood fronts that use the beautiful wood grains and finishes to add detail and provide contrast with the material covering the cushions and pillows. Another great thing about wood detailing like this is the touch of masculinity it can bring to a piece of furniture.

Strong Patterns
Gone are the days of using only solid-colored accent pillows; instead, people are choosing to go bold with big patterns like stripes and florals. Some pair these patterned pillows with more traditional solid colored accent pieces for a small pop of design; others choose to be fearless, mixing patterns for an eye-catching look. It’s easy to change up the look of a solid colored piece of furniture by switching out stylish accent pillows.

Contrasting Piping
In 2013, using a contrasting piping to trim your couch’s body and cushions is a simple, easy, & popular way to add extra detail. Right now, you’ll find all kinds of piping options in furniture stores, from pieces with piping in a slightly different hue to other items with piping on the other end of the color spectrum for a more noticeable pop.

Which of these 2013 furniture trends are you most looking forward to incorporating into your home?


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