10 Timeless Furniture Styles for the New Decade

10 Timeless Furniture Styles for the New Decade

Are you redecorating? There are tons of vintage and modern interior design styles that will catch your eye this year. With a new decade comes a brand-new era of interior decorating. We’ve done our homework to bring you 10 timeless furniture styles for the new decade. In this post, we’ll answer questions like:

  1. What are the interior design trends for 2020?
  2. How do you create a timeless home?
  3. What are decorating trends that are out?

What is a Timeless Design?

Basically, a timeless design never goes out of style. It can live on for years, even decades at a time and will circle back into popularity time and time again. For example, Chesterfield Sofas are a timeless furniture style. The rolled sofa arms, tufted back, and thick seat cushions have been a classic style since they gained popularity mid-18th century.

What Furniture Styles Are Timeless?

If you want to create a timeless design in your home, consider styles that are tried and true. Check out ten of our favorite classic home decor varieties that never go out of style:

1. Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are fun and decorative. Their simple framework draws the eye up and makes the bedroom appear more spacious. Plus, you can add soft curtains around the bed for decoration and privacy.

Westerly Bed Collection2. Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered beds are the backbone of every cozy bedroom design. They are usually tufted in a stripe or diamond pattern and add texture to the room. Best of all, it’s nice to rest against an upholstered headboard while you read, watch TV, or enjoy a classic breakfast in bed.

3. Wingback Chairs

You’ve probably seen a variation of a classic wingback chair in some family member’s home. The classic tall, wing-shaped backs are regal and comfortable. They come in countless colors, sizes, patterns, and even shapes! You can definitely find a wingback chair to fit your fancy.

4. Tulip Tables

You might recognize the tulip table as a standard circular tabletop with a centered base instead of four legs. Tulip tables are retro, modern, and simple. The most timeless version of tulip tables comes in all white.

5. Chesterfield Sofas

As we mentioned before, Chesterfield sofas take the cake when it comes to timeless furniture styles. They offer a beautiful design in a comfortable build that’s great for living rooms, sitting rooms, and libraries.

6. Windsor Chairs

Your classic kitchen table chair has a more refined name than you may realize. Windsor chairs are often associated with modern farmhouse or country chic styles. The curved chair backs offer great support despite their fragile appearance.

Winslow Motion7. Leather Chairs

Who doesn’t love a brown leather chair? Leather club chairs have warmed our homes and hearts for generations. They look great inside home offices, living rooms, and even master bedrooms.

8. Area Rugs

The one piece of furniture that can tie everything together is a classic area rug. While oriental rugs have made their mark for many decades, floral and abstract patterns have gained popularity in recent years. No matter what area rug you choose, it’s bound to make your entire room look complete.

9. Large Statement Mirrors

From large mirrors above console tables to floor-length mirrors, people have been using them to make small spaces appear larger. Reflecting light around the room makes any space appear larger than it is. Plus, you always have a place to take a quick peek at your hair or makeup.

10. Chaises

We like to think of a chaise as the more refined cousin of the recliner. The stationary lounger piece makes it easy to kick up your feet in style. You’ll see chaises in everything from Victorian to modern-inspired furniture lines.

You can take any one or a combination of these timeless trends to create a beautiful and lively design in your home. From 18th century classics to staples made popular by simplicity and comfort, we’re sure there’s a timeless style that speaks to you.

Carson Gray Chaise2020 Furniture Trends We’re Excited About

Now that you have some timeless furniture inspiration for your home, it’s time to talk 2020 trends that have the potential to become timeless someday. Here are a few 2020 trends we predict will take off:

  1. Blue Statements! From bright blue furniture to walls covered in blue art, there’s going to be a huge presence of Navy and Cobalt blue this year.
  2. Mix & Match! Nothing is more personalized than combining new and old pieces you love. We’re seeing a lot of blends of old and new furniture in the new decade.
  3. Pretty Prints! From wallpaper to murals to upholstery, fun prints are making a comeback.

What interior design trends for 2020 are you excited about? Let us know in the comments.

Hearth Cement Sectional CollectionFurniture Trends to Drop

Moving into the next era of furniture and interior design, we must say goodbye to some trends to make room for the new ones. Here are some trends that will start to fade out in 2020:

  1. Cool grey tones will be exchanged for warmer earth tones like terracotta.
  2. Harmonious matching furniture will be replaced by mixed and matched textures, styles, and colors.
  3. Accent walls are a thing of the past. Why have a little color or texture when you can have a lot?

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