10 Dazzling Holiday Party Ideas

10 Dazzling Holiday Party Ideas

Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? It’s almost time to prep your home for that awesome holiday party you’re hosting! Whether you’re starting a new tradition with friends or your coworkers are coming over for some annual holiday season fun, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to throw the party of the year.

It doesn’t matter if you’re partying with friends, family, coworkers, or church friends. We have 10 ideas that will help you prep your home for any kind of company. What are your favorite holiday party ideas? From festive cookies to fun decor, there are tons of ways to make your party completely unique. Let American Freight Furniture and Mattress help you create the best New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Christmas party of the season!

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from PexelsPro Tips for Your Party

From Christmas parties and Hanukkah gatherings to holiday get-togethers and New Year’s Eve celebrations, these ten tips can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. Keep reading to find out how you can throw the ultimate holiday party this season.

1. Choose a Winning Party Theme

Are you having a New Year’s Eve party? Will you be hosting an annual Christmas party? Holiday party themes can be as simple or extravagant as you like. Let the holiday be the party theme or choose something fun and trendy like an Ugly Sweater Party. The key to a successful theme is to keep it simple, incorporate decorations, and to let your guests know about the theme ahead of time.

2. Create Exciting Holiday Party Invitations

Start your party off right with fun invitations. You can get creative and use a website or app to customize your design. Or buy a cute pre-made card that you can just write in the details like time and place. Another option is to create a virtual invitation through social media. No matter what invitation method you choose, make sure you get your guests excited and give them all the information they need.

3. Plan Your Decorations

Deck the halls for your holiday party this year with fun decorations! From garland wrapped around banisters to a wreath on the door, there are thousands of ways to decorate your home for the holidays. The best way to approach decorating is to have a plan! If you use the same decorations year after year, figure out where you want everything to go.

Are you buying new decor? Take a look around your home and make a list of what you need or places you want to decorate. Mix and match colors, textures, and styles to create a look that’s all your own. The best part of holiday decorating is the fact there are no rules! Add whatever you like to make your home feel cozy and festive.

4. Curate an Incredible Menu

It’s easy to come up with a spread for your holiday party that’s equal parts festive and delicious. We recommend having a good balance of sweet and savory dishes so that you’re not only consuming sugar. If you have guests who are gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian, keep them in mind while you’re planning dishes.

Bonus: Ask your guests to bring a side or dessert! This way you can focus your energy on other parts of the party and you aren’t cooking for days leading up to the celebration. Create a shared document online or be sure to ask specific guests what to bring so there’s a nice variety.

Don’t forget the drinks! From a non-alcoholic holiday punch to adult beverages, make sure there’s a variety of flavors to choose from. We love to create hydration stations with bottles of water, punch bowls, and soft drinks.

5. Establish the Entertainment

Whether your entertainment is as simple as a holiday film or you need to curate the perfect playlist to last all party long, you need to plan ahead. For parties with kids or young adults, choose games or gift exchanges to incorporate into the party. You know your guests best, so be creative and have fun with the festivities.

Create a short playlist of classic holiday songs to play as guests arrive. It will create a happy atmosphere and conversation starters for guests who may not know each other very well. White elephant gift exchanges are also a hit. For little kids, a holiday craft is a fun way to keep them occupied.

Bonus: Choose a craft that will be ready to take home by the end of the celebration!

6. Purchase Comfortable Furniture

If you are still using outdated or uncomfortable furniture in your living room, what better time to buy new than just in time for your big holiday party? American Freight Furniture and Mattress offers quality furniture at a discount you have to see to believe.

Browse sofa and loveseat sets and sectionals of all different sizes. We also offer a wide selection of accent furniture styles like coffee table sets, recliners, accent chairs, and lamps. It’s important to make sure there are plenty of places to sit in your living room, basement, or den.

Impress your guests and upgrade your home with beautiful living room furniture. We love the Chevron Seal Sectional Sofa for large neutral living rooms. The “L” shape is perfect for gathering with four to six people. Read more about the sofa here.

We also recommend the Kiser Cappuccino Sofa and Loveseat Set. The brown set features box style seat cushions which look sophisticated but are incredibly comfortable as well. You can entertain guests on this set comfortably for hours. To read up on other top living room furniture picks, visit our living room blog section.

Chevron Seal Sectional Sofa7. Get a Spacious Kitchen Table

Where are you going to keep the food and drinks? Odds are, you’ll choose the kitchen for convenience. In order to make things run smoothly, you need a designated area to keep all the food for buffet style grazing throughout the event. That means you need a kitchen table that can keep everything in one place.

Visit American Freight Furniture and Mattress to pick up a beautiful kitchen table for an incredible price. From compact counter height tables to spacious farmhouse style standard dining tables, we have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a short-term solution, you can also choose a table that’s collapsible.

The Pendwood 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set is one of our top picks. The simple dark wood table is great for displaying appetizers or desserts. We recommend this table for condos, apartments, or smaller homes.

If you have the space to spread out a bit more, the Ally 6 Piece Dining Set is a winning choice. This set comes with a spacious rectangular table with four chairs and a bench. Use the table for the kids’ craft time or put all the food and drinks in one place.

Ally 6 Piece Dining Set8. Arrange a Gift Exchange

One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is to exchange presents! Draw names from a hat ahead of the party or do a white elephant gift exchange if you’re unable to swap names. If you choose a white elephant gift exchange, find a storyline or song that makes exchanging the gifts fun for the whole group.

We love to send our guests home with gifts, so keep reading to find out another way you can help your guests leave with holiday cheer.

9. Don’t Forget the Party Favors!

Complete the perfect holiday party by sending your guests home with party favors! We love to wrap little bags or boxes of homemade holiday treats. You could also make hot cocoa mix and place it in a bag and a holiday mug. Complete the gift with a candy cane for a peppermint hot cocoa mix.

Another party favor idea we love is personalized holiday stockings. Give your friends or coworkers a cute stocking with their name on it that’s filled with candy or scratch off lottery tickets.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels10. Make a Cleanup Plan

After all the fun has come to an end, you need a game plan to clean up the house in no time. One way you could approach cleaning up is to ask a friend or two to stick around after the party to help you clean. Divide and conquer tasks like putting away food, drinks, decorations, and more. You can also create to-go plates for your guests towards the middle or end of the celebration. As they are leaving, hand them a plate of leftovers from the party for them to enjoy later. This will eliminate food waste and help you clean up slowly as guests leave.

Bringing it All Together

No matter what you’re celebrating this holiday season, remember it’s the time of year to gather with friends and family and spread some joy in the world. American Freight Furniture and Mattress makes it simple to get all the home furniture items you need to make gathering easy and fun. Stop into your local store to shop living room and dining room furniture today.


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