The Purple Sofa We Can’t Stop Talking About

February 28, 2020
Add something colorful to your living room like a purple sofa! The Sierra Purple Sofa and Loveseat is the perfect set for adding a lovely lavender, lilac, or bright purple color scheme to your home! There’s nothing ordinary about this matching sofa and loveseat collection. Keep reading to learn why you need to make it
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Why You Should Use Your Tax Return For Furniture

February 25, 2020
Now that it’s finally tax time and your tax return will be in your pocket soon, you need to start thinking about how you will spend it. Don’t be tempted to spend your money on momentary things that won’t last. In this post, we’re going to show you why you should use your tax return
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Entertain With a Spacious Dining Set

February 21, 2020
You need a spacious dining set to replace the cramped old kitchen table in your home. Check out the South Paw Dining Collection for your next dining collection. This dining set comes in 5-piece and 7-piece options to fit your family’s needs. Plus, the stylish charcoal color offers a beautiful monochromatic addition to any dining
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This Bling Bedroom Set is Fit for Royalty

February 14, 2020
The Lorenzo Black Bedroom Collection is the bling bedroom set we can’t stop talking about. It has glitz and glam and will make you wonder why you’ve been settling for bland bedroom collections up until now. Keep reading to learn more about why the Lorenzo might be a great fit for your bedroom! Bling Bedroom
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How I Took Home New Furniture Before I Got My Refund

February 11, 2020
Recently, I came across a problem that most people have at some point in their life: I needed new furniture as soon as possible. There was no time to wait for a custom piece to be created and delivered months down the road, and I also couldn’t wait for one of the big furniture companies
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